Attract the woman of your dreams
Gain self-confidence and powerful social skills
Discover the ability to attract and keep a woman
Overcome anxiety and nervousness on a date
Improve your communication skills
Become more personable and confident around women
Learn from qualified and experienced coaches in communication and human relationships
Let a real woman tell you what they really want!

Impress Her With Superior Social Skills

Knowing how to flirt, when to tell a joke or seeming calm and well adjusted in any situation—we call these abilities social skills. You need social skills to meet and impress women and to succeed at work. In addition, like other skills you can learn, practice, and perfect them.

Without them you seem awkward, unsure, and even creepy. You need to be comfortable in your own skin and know how to present yourself as calm and confident. These basic skills are the foundation for your dating skills like flirting and creating sexual tension.

Socially inappropriate behavior turns most women off. Weak social skills can mean you are missing the body language of women who want to meet you. Polished and comfortable men have more friends, more job success and get more women.

Do you FREEZE when a HOT girl goes by?
Are you WORRIED about being in the "Friend Zone"?
Do you NEED help getting back in the GAME?

Are you WASTING your time...
memorizing lines, routines and cheesy techniques?
forcing yourself into a FAKE personality?
wondering if you are an "ALPHA Male"?

HOW TO MEET WOMEN will help you create a fun, exciting, happy and healthy love life.

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Discover How to Become More Comfortable Talking to Desirable Women

Women are people too

They respond to the same social skills that you do; fun, easy conversation, and a nice smile. That girl with the sexy eyes is more interested in getting to know the real you than she is in any technique or pickup routine you have memorized. The skills that help you do well with people will be the foundation for your success with women.

What women notice:

Gaining Experience With Women Should Be Fun and Easy

Every woman you meet is an opportunity for you to refine your skills and improve your game. Sure, you want your friends to admire and envy you for having a beautiful woman in your arm, but until you attract the “perfect” ONE — enjoy your time with all the rest. Each conversation you have is a chance to practice flirting, creating sexual tension, and build natural attraction.

Remember, a warm smiling girl next to you is better than a “hot” girl you only see from across the room.

Being in the “friend zone” is an opportunity for connecting with other women. There is nothing your female friends enjoy more than “fixing you up” and finding you a date.

Every woman is beautiful – it shows in her eyes.

Relationship coaching from HOW TO MEET WOMEN puts more love in your life!

Life is too short–to spend it alone or settle. Become a “Man of Quality” and get the woman you deserve.

What is dating/lifestyle coaching? You learn to be yourself and not molded into someone else. Coaching helps you improve and get better results in specific areas of your life: attraction and connection, confidence and attitude, communication and success. Spend your time more wisely instead of chasing women and memorizing pickup routines. A “Man of Quality Lifestyle” means creating a more fulfilling life. When you have a strategy for achieving physical, mental, and spiritual health and creating a life that is interesting and meaningful, more women will be attracted to you naturally.

Dating coaches do more than give pep talks or teach you pick-up lines. We help you to transform yourself into the confident, attractive, sexy, and successful man you were meant to be. We do not change who you are, but help you discover your true magnetic self. We base our coaching on solid and practical real life success strategies--not gimmicks, predatory techniques, or quotes from “gurus”.

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Reward yourself with a loving and fulfilling social life.

HOW TO MEET WOMEN will help you!

HOW TO MEET WOMEN.CA is presented by a group of mature, life experienced professional men and women bound by a code of ethics and rules unusual in the lifestyle coaching industry. We will not promote unrealistic expectations, unsafe practices, or seduction tactics to achieve instant gratification at the expense vulnerable subjects. We acknowledge that not everyone taking our coaching workshops will become instantly successful in their quest to find the “ideal” woman. However, if you follow the strategies and lessons learned, you will gain the knowledge, ability, and confidence to approach any woman, any time, anywhere and build natural attraction. The rest is up to you to take it to the next level.

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value” – Albert Einstein